client testimonials

I came to Carolyn feeling defeated and old and very ready for a change. Carolyn gently took me through the steps of tweaking my food choices to increase my energy and overall health. It worked! I feel awake in the morning, tired at bedtime, and have energy in between. I never felt judged for previous bad choices or if I went off the rails. I’m so glad I came to Carolyn for the guidance and encouragement I needed to get where I want to go!
— Mary-Jane C. (Nutrition Client)
When I first signed up for Carolyn’s bootcamp, I could barely do three burpees in a row without feeling like I was going to pass out! Now two years later, I am in the best shape of my life. Carolyn’s passion and knowledge for fitness & nutrition have helped me achieve a level of health that has me stronger & healthier in my 40’s than I have ever been before.
— Lina G. (6am bootcamp client)
In the beginning, I signed up to train with Carolyn because I finally had all three kids in school full day and I had let my fitness and health go since the birth of my third. I really needed a kick in the butt so I didn’t want to just join a gym that I knew I wouldn’t faithfully go to. I really like Carolyn’s creativity and the way the class seems to flow and be do-able no matter how rigorous it is. I noticed very quickly how much healthier and stronger I felt. I really miss bootcamp when I can’t go and always look forward to it.
— Jenn M. (9am bootcamp client)
On my first day of Bootcamp, I thought I would vomit after doing 5 burpees. Now, I can do 50 (maybe more), take a short break and do 50 more. My life is forever changed from training with you because I enjoy the workouts and continue to be challenged. I feel connected to the group and am motivated to show up not just for me, but for them as well. I count on these ladies to help me get through the tough workouts and I hope in some small way, I help them get through it, too. These workouts are a part of me now. You and these ladies are my fitness family. I am proud of the level of fitness I have achieved. My perspective on what I can do and what I could possibly do has completely changed. You have helped ingrain a love of exercise that I never thought I would ever have.
— Kerry C. (6am bootcamp client)
In 2012, I began looking for a fitness class to augment my other activities and that would easily fit into an already busy schedule. I found Carolyn’s morning class and have stayed with her ever since. She continually changes the workouts up so it always stays new and interesting. She is motivating and encouraging and truly fosters a supportive environment.
— Catherine D. (6am bootcamp client)
When I started Carolyn’s bootcamp, I was definitely in need of fresh inspiration. My fitness routine consisted of the gym and outdoor runs but it was getting repetitive, boring and as a result, difficult to maintain. I joined Carolyn’s bootcamp in 2013 thinking I would stay for a month or two to get inspired again. But I haven’t left! I was re-energized! The workouts are fantastic. Variety with a blend of cardio, plyometrics, strength training and so much more. Carolyn really knows her stuff when it comes to health, fitness & nutrition. If you have questions or need a plan she is an awesome motivator and can help with it all. I have put into place so many of her nutritional tips. All of this has left me with more energy, happiness and looking and feeling so much better. Thank you Carolyn!
— Alexandra T. (6am bootcamp client)