group nutrition challenges

Changes in nutrition habits can often be very difficult to implement on your own. Although you may have the best of intentions and know that you need to make a change, it can be daunting and intimidating to start and/or stay on track without a support network. Experience has taught me that tackling change as part of a group sets you up for success. There's just something about not being in it alone. About knowing there are other people out there who share the struggle, will encourage you to keep going, and with whom you can celebrate the wins. 

My Group Nutrition Challenges offer you the opportunity to make healthy changes with the encouragement of a group. If you find yourself saying yes to one or more of the following statements, then a Group Nutrition Challenge may be the right choice for you:

  1. I feel energized to get started on a project or goal when I know I'm not alone 
  2. I need the accountability of a group to keep going when times get tough
  3. Hearing or reading about someone else's journey inspires me to consider making change