Firm Believers Bootcamp

One of Etobicoke's highest regarded women's-only fitness programs. Firm Believers Bootcamp offers women of all fitness levels and abilities a fun, challenging and encouraging environment in which to reach your fitness goals.

You won't feel beaten down after this bootcamp...

At Firm Believers you will be challenged, but never beyond what you can handle. I believe that fitness should and can be fun while also being effective. And that the only thing that should be screaming during bootcamp are your muscles. Because if you don't enjoy your workouts and the people you are doing them with, chances are you won't stick to it. Here's what you can expect when you work out with me:

  • new and varied workouts every time that incorporate different training modalities to keep you motivated and maximize your time & results
  • female-designed to target the specific areas that we as women, care about most 
  • female-instructed to provide a supportive and encouraging environment 
  • small bootcamp offering you the attention of personal training in a fun & encouraging small group setting 
Tug-O-War team finisher

Tug-O-War team finisher

At Firm Believers Bootcamp, you will be surrounded by like-minded women who care whether you show up and genuinely want you to reach your goals.

I meet you at whatever fitness level you are at and help you progress to new levels of fitness at a pace that feels encouraging and supportive. 

Here are the sorts of results I guarantee you will begin to see in as little as 4-weeks:

  • increased energy to handle all of the tasks in your day-to-day life that demand your attention
  • renewed motivation to stick to your fitness goals 
  • sense of belonging, support and accountability 
  • the confidence and conditioning to achieve new fitness milestones

Workouts are constantly changing, to keep you and your body challenged and motivated. They combine aspects of:

  • HIIT training (high-intensity interval training)
  • Dynamic full-body exercises that train multiple muscle groups
  • TRX, Kettlebells, Hand Weights, Medicine Balls
  • Tires & Battle Ropes
  • Circuit training
  • Team-based drills, partner based segments and agility training
  • Flexibility
                            Early morning outdoor TRX set up

                            Early morning outdoor TRX set up