bootcamp FAQs

Is your bootcamp only for fit people?

Absolutely not. My bootcamp is for all women looking to get into better shape. I welcome and train clients of all fitness abilities. Every workout and exercise includes variations to allow you to choose the option that feels right for you and your current level of fitness.

What kind of results should I expect to see and how quickly?

The results you achieve and the time it will take will depend on a number of factors including, how often you attend bootcamp, the effort you put in while you are there, how active you are outside of our bootcamp sessions, and your nutrition habits. With regular attendance, hard work, and healthy eating, our clients have lost significant weight and inches, consistently say their clothes are fitting them better, quickly notice increased strength and endurance, and see significant improvements in energy levels in as little as 4 weeks.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

One of our core values is variety. It's important that you are constantly challenged and inspired by the workouts and so, they are always changing. I mix bodyweight training with other workout styles that do incorporate equipment. In all cases however, the only equipment you would be expected to bring are hand weights. All other equipment is provided. You will also need a supportive pair of running shoes and an exercise mat.

How is this different than going to the gym?

Gym environments aren't for everyone. They can be intimidating and uninspiring. In many cases, while your annual fee gets debited from your bank account, your presence or lack thereof goes unnoticed…unless you pay extra for a personal trainer. At Firm Believers Bootcamp, I make sure each and every workout gets you one step closer to your fitness goals. Every workout is carefully planned to maximize your time, keep your body challenged, and keep you inspired to stick with it. Here, you get individual attention and the encouragement and accountability from a group setting at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer. I care whether you show up and if you don't, I reach out to make sure you are okay and to understand what I can do to help you stay committed to your goals. 

How is this different from the other Bootcamps on the market?

Firm Believers Bootcamp is owned and operated by a woman for women. I understand that the female body looks, feels and responds to exercise differently than its male counterpart. Every workout is designed for women. Unlike other bootcamps that pride themselves on using fear to motivate recruits, I believe in an approach that coaches you to harness your inner strength to achieve a new level of fitness. As a busy woman, I know how much time you spend taking care of others and how challenging it can be to find time for yourself. And I have walked in your shoes. I spent years trying to find a program that worked for me and then finally, I did. I know what it's like to be a bootcamp client. I know what works…to get you started and keep you motivated.

One of the things I hear often from current clients who have tried other bootcamps is that there is a feeling of belonging at Firm Believers that is not replicated anywhere else. The group sizes are smaller here. You will never feel like a number or that you are part of a class with rotating instructors. I teach each and every one of my bootcamps myself and I get to know each and every one of my clients personally. I truly care that you succeed and keep growing and reaching new milestones. I believe in delivering fitness that is FUN and FRIENDLY while helping you achieve unbelievable results in the company of other amazing women. 

What if I can't commit to a set schedule right now?

Flexibility is one of the things that's built in to this bootcamp. It's hard enough making the time for fitness. You shouldn't have to worry about losing money for workouts you can't attend. There are 2x/week and 3x/week packages as well as a Pay-As-You Go option to accommodate all schedules. If you purchase a package and can't get to all of the workouts one week, I am happy to have you make-up up to two missed classes the following week or month. 

What's included in the pricing?

As a Firm Believers Bootcamp member, you get much more than just the workouts themselves. All members receive one-on-one coaching regarding your goals - including how to set them and create a plan to get you there, ongoing fitness assessments to track progress, regular nutrition guidance including food journal review and advice and bonus and/or discounted rates on nutrition services and workshops, weekly fitness and nutrition motivation via emails and newsletters, access to fitness and nutrition challenges to supplement your work at camp, unlimited access to Carolyn for any questions, concerns or additional coaching required to meet your goals, and inclusion in regular group social functions. For more specifics on pricing, please visit the Bootcamp Pricing page.

Do the outdoor bootcamps run in the rain?

The outdoor sessions do run rain or shine. There are so many benefits to outdoor workouts like getting fresh air, Vitamin D from the sunshine, and the ability to mix up routines and use a wide variety of natural equipment and terrain. Rainy day bootcamps many times are even more fun and can build real camaraderie and a feeling of accomplishment. Every effort is made to ensure you remain safe. We do not workout in heavy rain or thunderstorms. In those cases, a make up bootcamp session will be booked.

Why don't you allow men to join your bootcamp?

We have nothing against men. But when it comes to bootcamp, Firm Believers is a space where women can focus on their fitness goals with workouts designed specifically for the female body, surrounded by other like-minded females. Consider this our version of the "man cave".