Cleaning House...

So, we let our cleaning lady go. A few months ago, actually. She was wonderful - professionally and personally speaking - but our budget just couldn't handle this expense any longer. And truly, it felt like a luxury to have someone else come in and clean my home. A wonderful, "ahhh" inducing luxury. 

messy house sign.jpg

I was the one who initiated the idea with my hubby. I actually like to clean. There's something very good, therapeutic, gratitude-inspiring, and humbling about "cleaning your own bowl" - so to speak. My challenge is finding the (uninterrupted) time to do so. Anybody with me? Being a typically Type-A, I'm uncomfortable with leaving things half done. But with two young girls, I'm finding it challenging to get it all done in one day. Scrubbing toilets on Tuesdays, floors on Wednesdays, etc, etc., isn't how I like to do it. Because you never really get to stand back and see the fruits of your labour in it's entirety. Know what I'm sayin'? But I'm trying to get more comfortable living with the motto pictured above.

Except for very recently. That was a time when I was racing around like a mad-woman cleaning in preparation for a milestone birthday party where 30 or so close friends would descend on our home. I felt pretty close to "Gale" in this video

As I knelt down to scrub remnants of splattered juice from baseboards and little-girl fingerprints from the walls, I began to reflect on the link between the dirt in our homes and the dirt in our lives. Some of us could really use a deep clean in certain areas of our lives. Myself included.

There are parts of everyone's life that get a little grungy when ignored and it takes getting close to those corners of yourself, kneeling low, leaning in, looking deep to recognize the areas that could use a little spit and polish. For some it might be the dirty habit of missing "just one workout"  that's spiralled into no exercise at all. For others it might be the crud of turning to unhealthy foods for emotional comfort. Some of you may be dirtying up your lives with Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to fill a void of a lacklustre relationship. Others are stuck in the muck of believing untruths about yourself. Maybe you are not moving forward because you are too caught up in comparing yourself against who you used to be. Some of you feel like you will never get back to the vibrant person you once were. Others are immobilized under a weight of guilt for poor choices that have literally imprisoned you into believing you'll never be any better than those past mistakes. 

As November turns to December which will quickly turn over into January, we will be faced with New Year resolutions. The tendency is to just decide that 2016 will be better. To pledge to be a new you, not repeating the same mistakes from 2015. Yet, in the same way that re-decorating a house without cleaning the dirty parts will eventually leave you surrounded by pretty things but feeling filthy, making resolutions without facing the areas that need work make it impossible to achieve real, lasting progress. As they say….you can put lipstick on a pig...

So while we are still living in 2015, I invite you to take a close look at all the areas of your life. What thoughts and beliefs could use a deep cleaning? What habits need straightening up? What relationship clutter are you living with that needs tending to? For every untruth you've been telling yourself (I'm not strong enough, don't have the will power, not smart enough, don't have the training, etc.), there is a rebutting truth to take its place. For every bad habit you've been choosing, there is a deeper reason driving that behaviour. Won't you lean in, look close, find that reason and then scrub it clean with me?